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Faithful Fishers

Faithful Fishers was established to empower churches and fulfill the Great Commission.


Faithful Fishers was founded in 2016 by Darrin Miller and a group of pastors from several different denominations. The goal was simple...

Engage the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Equip believers to live out their faith daily.

Inspire leadership in the church to continue to the process.

Darrin believed that there was a way for Christians to worship, fellowship, and pursue the Great Commission together, regardless of what church they went to, or which denomination they were apart of, and believed that trying to do ministry under the name of the church he was pastoring would hinder the involvement of other pastors and believers. So, he set out to form something different...

In 2016, Faithful Fishers was formed as a multi-church non-profit organization. Faithful Fishers main work at the time was training believers to share their faith and make disciples. By 2020, Faithful Fishers had partnered with a dozen churches, seen hundreds come to Christ, planted several home churches, and created a ministry training school called the Living Word Bible School

Today the ministry continues in Kerrville, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi.



Founder of Faithful Fishers and the Living Word Bible School, Darrin studied at Liberty University, Schreiner University, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He also co-pastored a church in Kerrville for 6 years before planting Communion Christian Fellowship in Live Oak, Tx.



Sean Raybuck served as a Methodist minister for 6 years before being ordained a Faithful Fishers Missionary in 2019. Sean directly oversees the ministry of Faithful Fishers in the Corpus Christi area including a church plant, discipleship ministries, and outreach teams.


Kyle is a student of Stark Seminary in Corpus Christi, as well the Living Word Bible School, and has been a faithful servant, evangelist and friend. Kyle helps manage outreach, community groups, and operations in Corpus Christi under the direction of Sean Raybuck.