Meet the Founder

Darrin Miller

Darrin began his journey ministering to youth at his local High School and engaging the young adults on the street of Kerrville.

After being called by the Lord to serve passionately where he was sent, Darrin began to purse the Lord fervently for himself and for his city. In 2014, Darrin became the associate pastor of Friendship Bible Church and had already seen dozens of young people give their lives to the Lord.


Soon after accepting his new position at Friendship Bible, Darrin was instructed by the Lord to pour himself out in pursuit of seeing Christ formed in young adults and allow them to have an authentic experience with the Lord through the word, prayer, and service. It was in those days that Darrin was also introduced to T4T (Training for Trainers) and joined the No Place Left movement to share the gospel till there is no place left that the gospel has not been preached.

By the end of 2015, Darrin had seen over a hundred young men and women give their life to the Lord and had started several small home church gatherings, including one in his home which exists to this day. He also began to obey Isaiah 58 by giving to the poor and taking he homeless into his home. It was also in 2015 that the Lord gave Darrin the vision for a 2-year, ministry focused, bible school. In Oct. 2015, Darrin was at a World Missions Conference and met someone planting bible schools around the world. That man gave Darrin a copy of the curriculum that would later be the foundation of the Living Word Bible School. In December 2015, Darrin spent two weeks in Moldova where he was apart of the planning for a bible school with the same curriculum. Convinced that the Lord was doing this work, Darrin brought pastors together in Kerrville, Texas, to cast the vision for a bible school, and in Feb. 2016 the very first class of the Living Word Bible School began with 12 students.


Today, the Living Word Bible School has 100% original curriculum design and written by Darrin to provide a strong Biblical foundation while providing hands on training for the work of the ministry. Students of the LWBS are going on to become missionaries, youth pastors, worship leaders, college ministers, and more. Darrin has now even created an online platform so the Living Word Bible School can reach anyone, anywhere, at an affordable price.

Darrin is married to his wife Courtney, and they have 5 boys. Darrin continues to partner with local churches and organizations to reach the lost, equip believers, and inspire leadership, but is focused primarily on raising up Spirit-filled, God-fearing, leaders to advance God's Kingdom in Kerrville, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and where ever the Lord will take him. In addition to leading Faithful Fishers, Darrin spent several years working Indigenous Missions around the world and has a Bachelor's Degree from Schreiner University where he studied graphic design.

Our Missionaries

Randel O' Bryant


Darrin met Randel at Schreiner University while trying to partner with other Christ centered groups on campus. Randel, an alumnus of Schreiner University, joined and latter ran a Baptist ministry called Reset on campus, while also serving as a young adult pastor at a local church. By the end of 2018, Darrin and Randel had partnered for the ministry on campus, and in early 2019, Randel officially joined Faithful Fishers as a Faithful Fishers Missionary and Campus Ministry Coordinator. Randel also leads worship for Friendship Bible Church and leads home churches in Kerrville and San Antonio. Randel and his wife, Hannah, are in the process of adopting three children as well as expecting their own.

Joshua Rodriguez

Joshua Rodriguez left a lucrative career in the oil field to pursue  ministry with Faithful Fishers and became the first Faithful Fishers Missionary in Aug. 2018. Since then, Joshua has set his sight on international missions, though he has stayed focused on discipleship and outreach in Kerrville, Texas, leading a men's group and partnering with Darrin in the work of the ministry in various services and missions. 


Michael Leyva


Michael Leyva was pursuing the world and focusing on his aspirations to be a famous game-streamer, when, in late 2018, Joshua Rodriguez invited him to his men's group. Shortly after, Michael gave his life to the Lord and was baptized in Dec. 2018.

Early 2019, Michael felt a call on his life for youth ministry and the Faithful Fishers team began to pray for his calling as they continued to disciple him. Through God's calling and confirmation, Michael was ordained as a youth pastor in Sept. 2019 and now acts as the Faithful Fisher's youth director in Kerrville. He and his wife, Tysie, have one son and are hoping for another soon.

Discipleship and Outreach Team

Ricky Vasquez

Chellby Richter

Baylor White

Jason Barley

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