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Equiping the Body.
Reaching the

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In 2016, Faithful Fishers established the Living Word Bible School as a way to provide deep, biblical, theological training for local ministries and leaders. The Living Word Bible School teaches seminary curriculum as well as offers hands on multiplicative discipleship training.

Today, the Living Word Bible School is offered online to any/all U.S. students and is being planted in a growing numbers of countries and languages granting training and biblical teaching to indigenous teams, churches, networks that are sharing the gospel and planting churches in unreached people groups.

1. Meet and Verify

2. Pray and Plan

3. Translate

When a foreign missionary reaches out or is introduced to us Faithful Fishers meets via Zoom for an interview and verification process.

From there, the leaders begin to pray and discuss possible plans for training and Bible School planting.

Where language barriers exists, which they do in most places, our first priority becomes providing for the Living Word Bible School curriculum to be translated into their native language(s).

4. Organize

5. Visit 

6. Launch

Upon verification and translation, we begin to work with the indigenous leaders to organize their Bible School plant and teaching schedule.

If needed, Faithful Fishers will travel to visit the ministry and help provide vision-casting and onsite teaching/training.

After lots of prayer and preparation, the indigenous leader is then able to launch their own Living Word Bible School plant as an autonomous ministry ready to train new leaders for generations to come.


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At the time of this writing (Nov. 2022), we are in the process of planting the Living Word Bible School in the native languages of the following countries (countries in bold already have a successfully planted Bible School):

  • Tanzania

  • Uganda

  • Zambia*

  • Zimbabwe*

  • Kenya*

  • India*

  • Nepal*

  • D.R. Congo**

  • Malawi**

  • Burundi**

  • Rwanda**

  • Pakistan**

*Translation complete

**Translation needed

Many of the countries we are working in have multiple location and organizations be serviced within the country.

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World Map.png

International Partnership

Join our growing network of International Leaders equipping the nations.

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