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One of Faithful Fishers core desires is to Inspire Leadership. To help us fulfill that desires, we've created a unique internship program that immerses people who feel called into ministry into an amazing 1-year program designed to grow them, equip them, and help them find out exactly how the Lord has designed them to serve.

This is no cookie-cutter process. We believe every person's calling and gifting is different and we seek to serve each persona individually in their process of growing into their unique ministry calling.

Hands-on Discipleship

FF Interns spend a year being personally discipled by a full-time FF Missionary. This includes weekly bible study as well working alongside a missionary in action.

Personalized Approach

Because everyone is different, each intern will have their internship focused around their individual gifts and callings.

Deep Biblical Study

Part of the one-year process is free enrollment into the Living Word Bible School. Every intern will be Tier-1 certified as part of their training.

Leadership Training

Faithful Fishers is part of the No Place Left network. Interns will learn valuable leadership skills and leave with the tools to train and equip others.

Real Ministry Experience

While working with a FF MIssionary and taking Living Word Bible School classes, interns will also participate in local outreach and mission work.

Ordination Possibilites

After the 1-year internship is complete, interns will be able to take their new knowledge and experience with them into another ministry or continue with Faithful Fishers and pursue ordination.


While overseas missions are important, and we have opportunities for those who feel called to overseas missions, Faithful Fishers' first mission field is right here in America and our internships are done locally. For those who feel called to overseas missions, Faithful Fishers will accommodate short term mission trips as part of the internship, but the primary ministry field be in one of the following locations. 

Internships are currently available in the following Texas cities:

  • Kerrville (and nearby areas)

  • San Antonio

  • Corpus Christi 

If you are interested in an internship outside of these areas, you may be required to relocate for the duration of your internship or explore the possibility of an online internship via weekly zoom meetings.


If you have a strong desire to serve and share your faith, a stable internet connection, and clear call into ministry you can contact us for more information about online internships or click the link below to apply for an internship in Kerrville, San Antonio, or Corpus Christi.

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Apply Now

Pursue your call into ministry and become a Faithful Fisher.

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