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Faithful Fishers seeks to be a support arm of the church. Between our own curated leadership resources and the skills we have learned from other organizations and ministries, we hope to offer tools and trainings that be molded into your needs and enhance your ministry work flow.

To learn more about partnerships between Faithful Fishers and your church or organization click HERE.

Or if you are an individual looking for personal training and/or discipleship please contact us at the form below or consider join our 1-year INTERNSHIP.

Three-thirds Church Model

The 3/3 Church model is a reproducible model for facilitating home churches, church plants, and bible studies and is adaptable to various needs. It also provides a basis for the following short term discipleship tools.

Short Term Discipleship

Below are two short-term tracks that use the 3/3 Church model called the Commands of Christ (CoC). Extremely simple to lead and simple to train. This helps produce new leaders and church plants seamlessly while still controlling the lesson plans. It can also be adapted to your own needs.

The T4T Commands of Christ are more obedience based focused on gospel sharing. The Faithful Fishers Commands of Christ are more focused on spiritual development before launching into outreach.

Similar to the Commands of Christ, Stories of Hope follow the same format but are created to be used as discovery bible studies with unsaved people or potentially for new or weak-in-faith believers.


Evangelism Tools

There are so many ways to share the gospel. But having easy, biblical tools that you can use and teach others easily is the best way to empower a church or group to do the work Christ has called us to. Below are some tools that can be learned and trained easily and have been proven effective for millions of practitioners around the world. 


Leadership and Accountability

Below are tools for leadership and accountability that are also easy to use and highly effective. The Iron on Iron (IOI) is a personal assessment tool that evaluates how we are pursuing the Lord personally and how we are serving him outwardly. It also provides a time for feedback, advice, and asks the important question, "Where do you feel stuck?" The IOI is meant to be done in a small group with one sharing and others listening and holding their comments till the end. The second page of this document has important information on how to properly facilitate the IOI and should not be overlooked. This tool is also easy to customize to your exact needs.


Topical Resources

If you're looking for more topical resources, you can also look through our google drive folder on topical subjects. This is a new project and the contents will be growing month to month and year to year. Feel free to check back often, or download our app to join the community and stay informed. We also have a blog with various resources meant to inspire and to share. You can find our blog, and a direct link to our topical resource in the site-navigation menu.

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