Missionary Internship

Find Your Calling

Our 1-year missionary internship allows people to find their calling by serving in various ministry contexts, learn leadership tools and principles, and receive one-year of seminary education that will act as a foundation to all their future growth and learning. Opportunities are in San Antonio, Kerrville, Corpus Christi, or online if the applicants situation allows.

After completion of our 1-year internship, interns can continue on their own path with a unique experience under their belt, or they can seek to join the Faithful Fishers team as a missionary.

Moriah Johnson

Intern '21-22 | Graduate of the Living Word Bible School
Graduate of Liberty University, Moriah has a love for the gospel and overseas ministry. As an intern, Moriah  joined the Corpus team, engaged in outreach, discipleship, and church ministry while having the opportunity to travel to Uganda and support international missions.

Tyler Graham

Intern '22-23 | Graduate of the Living Word Bible School
Tyler began his internship at 17 years old as part of the Corpus team. As an intern, Tyler learned live sound mixing, photography, and covered media in Louisiana, Nashville, and San Antonio, Texas covering internationally known artists all while being actively involved in discipleship and outreach.

Jason Barley

Intern '23-24 | Student of the Living Word Bible School
Jason is a current intern helping to coordinate international missions and fundraising. Jason is part of the San Antonio team and has plans to travel internationally and be an active disciple-maker as part of our home church network.

Declan Hensley

Intern '23-24 | Student of the Living Word Bible School
Declan is 17 years old serving as part of our Corpus team along with his father Adam. Declan is heavily involved in youth ministry, discipleship, and outreach. He is a current LWBS student and is growing in his leadership abilities.

Adam  Hensley

Intern '23-24 | Student of the Living Word Bible School
Adam Hensley has his Bachelors degree from Liberty University and is now pursuing his masters in Christian Counseling. Adam serves as part of the Corpus Team and co-leads a home church.

Internship FAQ

Can I become an overseas missionary?

Yes, through our internship, you will gain training and education that is invaluable in any ministry context. You will also have the opportunity to travel to the mission field (though not required) and experience various aspects of ministry. Ultimately, we believe that God's calling is unique and guides each person, but assuming that is your God-given direction, pursuing overseas missions with Faithful Fishers is definitely an option.

Is there an age requirement/limit?

The minimum age is 16 years old, with parent approval and signature, though 18+ is preferred. There is no age-limit to our internship. As long as you are in good health, available for our required meetings, Bible School classes, and ministry opportunities, then you are eligible!

Can I be an intern from anywhere?

Our internships are primarily based in San Antonio, Kerrville, and Corpus Christi, Texas. However remote internships are available if certain conditions are met. The intern must be available for weekly discipleship meetings on Zoom, must be actively involved in serving a church or ministry in their area, and must be willing to learn and practice new ministry training on their own or in context to their current ministry connection.

Can I be ordained after my internship?

Faithful Fishers does ordain and commission its own missionaries. Interns that complete the program, are accepted to continue as part of the Faithful Fishers team, and have a clear call and direction for ministry may be ordained or commissioned as the Holy Spirit leads. However, completion of our internship in no way guarantees ordination, commissioning, or placement on our team. Such inclusion is considered prayerfully on a case by case basis.

What does the day-to-day of the internship look like?

Our internship has a once-a-week mandatory discipleship meeting with one of our active missionaries. It also has a once a week mandatory lesson from the Living Word Bible School until the first year curriculum is completed. Beyond that, ministry may include, leading discipleship groups, joining outreach efforts in the city, preparing bible studies, helping organize events, media, etc, and whatever other opportunities may be necessary for your personal calling.

Questions about our internship?

Reach out and let us know!