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An Overview of the Book of Romans

Sep 22, 2023    Darrin Miller

The Book of Romans' influence on theological thought, from the early Church Fathers to the Protestant Reformation and beyond, underscores its enduring significance in shaping Christian doctrine. However, the book is fairly simple once you understand the outline of its argument.

Paul writes to the church of Rome in the midst of rising conflict between the Gentile and Jewish believers on the nature of salvation and their position in God's Kingdom.

Paul responds to this conflict with a letter, the Book of Romans, which addresses how we are all universally accepted by the grace of God when we put our faith in Christ and there is now no separation or favor within God's people for we have all been made into one new body of people: The Church.

Basic Argument Outline:

1. We are all equally condemned in our sin

2. We are all equally saved by faith in Christ

3. God's plan for Israel

4. Living as one body in Christ

5. Warnings against division

Filmed at True Life Church in Universal City, Texas.