Faithful Fishers

Faithful Fishers helps others experience the fullness of God's calling through Biblical teaching, coaching, and community.

& History.

Faithful Fishers was founded in 2016 by Darrin Miller and a group of pastors from several different denominations in the Kerrville, TX area.
The goal was simple:

  • Engage the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Equip believers to live out their faith daily.
  • Inspire leadership in the church to continue to the process.

Darrin believed that there was a way for Christians to worship, fellowship, and pursue the Great Commission together, regardless of what church they went to or which denomination they belonged to. He also believed that trying to do ministry under the name of the church he was pastoring would hinder the involvement of other pastors and churches. So, he set out to form something different.

In 2016, Faithful Fishers was formed as a multi-church non-profit organization. Faithful Fishers main work at the time was training believers to share their faith and make disciples.

By 2020, Faithful Fishers had partnered with a dozen churches, seen hundreds come to Christ, planted several home churches, and created a ministry training school called the Living Word Bible School.

Today Faithful Fishers the ministry continues in Kerrville, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi, as well as internationally to Central Africa and the 10-40 window.

Faithful Fishers is currently training leaders and planting Bible Schools in12+ nations around the world.

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The Living Word Bible School

The Living Word Bible School was established in 2016 in order to offer theological teaching and ministry training that is accessible to all people. With the time and financial investments required for seminary, most Christians want a deeper understanding of God's word but find few avenues for it. The Living Word Bible School is open to all and offers not only biblical and theological studies, but also hands on ministry training that prepares students for the world of ministry, where the Lord may lead. 

Faithful Fishers World Missions

Darrin Miller, founder of Faithful Fishers and Living Word Bible School, was first exposed to international missions as the media director for Aim 4 The World, formerly Advancing Indigenous Missions. Through Aim for the World (A4TW), Darrin interacted with and served missionaries from all over the globe, even traveling and documenting missions work in Eastern Europe. After a time, Darrin became the interim director of A4TW before stepping down to pursue advancing Faithful Fishers in his local area. After several years of local discipleship and evangelism and having planted the Living Word Bible School in Kerrville, Texas, Darrin's heart was one day be able to offer the Living Word Bible School to the world as a free resource to those who live in great need.

Today, the Living Word Bible School is currently working to plant in over 12 nations and is already in operation in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Burma. By the end of 2023, the Living Word Bible School will have been translated into twelve different languages and will be being taught in seven countries.These Living Word Bible Schools not only teach God's word, but offer a light of hope to those local pastors and villages with no access to formal biblical, theological, or leadership training.

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