We help others experience the fullness of God's calling
through Biblical teaching, coaching, and community.

Mission Updates

Faithful Fishers is raising up disciples and training gospel focused leaders around the world through our Living Word Bible School network. Watch our most recent mission updates to learn more!









Faithful Fishers mission is to help others experience the fullness of God's calling through Biblical teaching, coaching, and community. Whether that is through our own dedicated ministries or by acting a support to local churches through evangelism and discipleship tools and trainings, we seek to engage the lost, equip believers, and inspire leadership.


Faithful Fishers offers a one-year missionary internship that develops a deep understanding of God's word, while experiencing close biblical fellowship and gaining hands on ministry experience under the guidance of a full-time missionary.

Apply today and begin your missionary journey!
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Faithful Fishers Corpus Christi
Faithful Fishers Corpus Christi
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Faithful Fishers Internship

Seminary education that's accessible to all

The Living Word Bible School

The Living Word Bible School started in 2016 as a way to offer accessible seminary education and ministry training for local leaders and churches. Now, in addition to our online Bible School serving students nationally, we are also planting Bible Schools in the over 12 nations, each translated into the local languages of the people we serve.
Join us as we diffuse the knowledge of Jesus Christ in the U.S. and across the globe.
Faithful Fishers Tanzania Living Word Bible School
Faithful Fishers Uganda Living Word Bible School

Spreading the gospel for generations to come.

Faithful Fishers is planting Living Word Bible Schools around the world that provide biblical, theological, and ministry training in areas where resources are most needed. Our Bible Schools are self-sustaining and will be able train new church planters and missionary leaders for generations to come.

International Partnerships

We partner with international leaders who have a heart for reaching the unreached and raising up new leaders to join the work. We have a four-part vetting process for identifying and accepting international partners to plant train and plant new Bible Schools with.

Curriculum Translation

Faithful Fishers provides for our curriculum to be translated into the local languages of our partners to ensure they have a readable curriculum in their native tongue and unique dialects. Currently our curriculum has been translated into Luganda, Ranyakole, Swahili, Luo, Lua, Hindi, Burmese, Nepali, and more.

Organizational Support

In addition to theological teaching and partnership, we also help to train international leaders in leadership, organization, and systems so that they are equipped to plan, plant, and manage a growing network of schools, churches, and disciples across their nation.

Mission Trips

Faithful Fishers leads short term mission trips into countries where our international partners have worked hard to gather leaders from across their area. Once gathered, Faithful Fishers provides a multi-day leadership conference where they teach through our bible school  curriculum as well as offer ministry training to equip leaders to reach the unreached and plant new churches.

Developing A Network

Both at home, and internationally, Faithful Fishers is developing a network of healthy churches and leaders who can share resources and information as we all work together to fulfill the Great Commission. Our partners are collaborating across East Africa, as well as through SW Asia and the Middle East to establish a larger network of connected missionaries and churches.

Providing Aid

While our main mission is to plant self-sustaining Bible Schools that will raise up leaders for generations to come, we do, as the Lord leads, also provide for physical needs as we are able. We are currently in the process of building Faithful Fisher Centers in Uganda and Kenya which will be used as a church, bible school, medical center, and feeding center in places with little to no resource.
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Church Partnerships

Faithful Fishers was originally founded with the idea that it would be a support arm to the local church. Since its inception, Faithful Fishers has been partnering with church to teach simple, biblical, and reproducible tools for evangelism, discipleship, and church planting/home group planting.

Now Faithful Fishers also serves churches through our comprehensive Church Health Survey that identifies a church's strengths and weaknesses and gives a plan to address them, as well as acting as a sending organization that churches can partner with to help their members get involved with world missions through short-term or long-term mission trips. Churches can also partner with our international work by giving directly to a missions needs and budgets.

Join our international network today and see what being a part of Faithful Fishers can do for your church!
Faithful Fishers Church Partnerships
Faithful Fishers Home Church Network

Home Church Network

Our visions statement is to create an ever-growing network of spiritually healthy churches and leaders who pursue the Great Commission together.

Home churches and life groups, etc, have a trend for last decade or so, but they are not always healthy, and they do not always produce healthy leaders. Faithful Fishers prioritizes church and leader health over multiplication to ensure that when multiplication does happen both the new group and the existing group remain healthy.

Faithful Fishers Home Church Network is our way of helping churches make disciples and multiply their outreach while also offering a healthy environment for those who feel that they do not have a safe and healthy church environment where they can serve and be served as they seek to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Missionary Internship

Faithful Fishers Worship


Our 1-year internship is focused around the very thing Jesus died to create: a called out community. Jesus died to establish His church. Discipleship can happen in isolation and we can not serve Jesus adequately apart from body. Interns will happen the opportunity to experience a rich and vibrant community of fellow believers who are on mission together across Texas and across the world!
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Interns are required to participate in local service in some way, whether that is part of a local church or alongside a Faithful Fishers missionary. Additionally, our missionary interns learn to share the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches as part of their one year experience.
Faithful Fishers Living Word Bible School


Our mission to help others experience the fullness of God's calling through Biblical teaching, coaching, and community.  Jesus says that we will "know the truth, and the truth will set [us] free." Our 1-year internship involves weekly discipleship as well as enrollment into the first year of the Living Word Bible School.

Our Team

Faithful Fishers is a network of leaders and churches who seek to fulfill the Great Commission together. However, we have our own internal team that works to move our mission and vision forward.
Faithful Fishers Darrin Miller

Darrin Miller

Founder & Ex. Director
Darrin is an ordained missionary and founder of Faithful Fishers and the Living Word Bible School. Darrin is married with 6 kids and has a Bachelors in Communication Design from Schriener University as well as a Masters in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary. Darrin is also currently the Associate Pastor of True Life Church in Universal City, Texas.
Faithful Fishers Sean Raybuck

Sean Raybuck

Director of Faithful Fishers Corpus Christi
Sean Raybuck has a Bachelors in Social Work and served as a youth pastor for 6 years before being ordained a Faithful Fishers Missionary in 2019. Sean directly oversees the ministry of Faithful Fishers in the Corpus Christi area including a church plant, discipleship ministries, and outreach teams. Sean is married with 4 children.

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