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"So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house..."

Acts 2:46

When the Holy Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost the Church was born. In Acts 2:41-47, we see that the Church was a united together in fellowship, prayer, teaching, breaking of bread, and reaching their neighbors. But it wasn't on Sunday mornings once a week, it was an everyday lifestyle where the believers were together often and had all things in common.

We believe home churches are not a replacement for the traditional church, but as it says in Acts 2:46 "in the temple, and... house to house." The traditional church is an amazing place to worship corporately, receive well prepared messages, resources, opportunities, and more, on a level that home churches could never offer. However, home churches allow an extra layer of involvement, study, intimacy, and outreach that is difficult if not impossible to find on a Sunday morning alone.

Our home church network is open to all who want to experience the Lord and Christian community on a deeper level and invite others into it. Faithful Fishers Home Churches are designed to be highly missional as well as deeply relational. They are perfect for adding to your local church to increase involvement and discipleship opportunities, and they are open to people who want plant home churches in addition to their local church gathering. Though we are not trying to replace the local church with home churches, many disconnected christians are finding new life and relationship again through planting or joining a home church.

If you'd like to start or join a home church, or just connect your church to our network and training, scroll down and click the appropriate link below.

Why Home Churhes?

The early church didn't have large buildings to gather in as believers. They gathered in homes and experienced authentic community. This led to deeper relationships, discipleship, and multiplication.
Keep People Engaged
The statistics show that most people join and stay in a church because of the people they met, or the people that invited them. Relationship is core to health and growth of our home churches and legacy churches.
Our Home Church training is simple. It's easy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to use. It can be adapted for churches, small groups, bible study lunches, and other applications.
Everyone Participates
Through our home church model, everyone gets to pray, read, and voice their thoughts. This allows for greater involvement and therefore greater retention and growth.
Highly Reproducible
When home churches multiply, the Kingdom grows. Our home church model offers immediate leadership development and allows for multiplication to happen as soon as the group is ready.
No Overhead
The cost train leaders and multiple home churches/ cell groups/ bible studies, whatever you want to call them, is little to none. All you need a some time and place to gather.

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Legacy Church Training

Looking to add home-church/life groups to your church culture? Request a FF training workshop and enrich the discipleship culture of your church!
Creates increased involvement, community, retention, and biblical understanding.

Join a Home Church

Looking for a church home, but want something smaller? Or do you already have a home church and want an outlet for additional fellowship and discipleship? If you are in the Kerrville, N.E. San Antonio, or Corpus Christi areas, let us connect you to a home church today.

Plant a Home-Church

Wanting to join in the mission? Apply now and receive simple, biblical, and reproducible training that will have you planting and leading a home church in no time! Our home church network offers ongoing spiritual and leadership support as well as access to our online Bible School and resources.

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